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Stop by and sign the petition to get Schultz Meadow onto the Nov. 2020 ballot! 

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Signing at Aspen Place (Seasoned Kitchen)

11am - 4pm

530 Piccadilly Dr #103

Event Details


Signing at Aspen Place (Seasoned Kitchen)

Stop by our table outside of Seasoned Kitchen (in Aspen Place at the Sawmill,  530 Piccadilly Dr #103) to sign the petition to Save Schultz ...

Event Details

11am - 4pm

530 Piccadilly Dr #103

Join us in protecting an iconic piece of Flagstaff!

Welcome! Our goal is to preserve the 3 acres of undeveloped land at the corner of Schultz Pass Road & Fort Valley Road as Open Space. Once designated as Open Space, it will be protected from all types of development (and from sale to a developer) and instead will be left in its current, undeveloped state.

To get the issue on the ballot, we need to collect over 4,000 valid signatures of Flagstaff City residents. Then, voters will decide the issue during the November 2020 election.

About the campaign

Why protect Schultz Meadow?


With the rapid pace of development in Flagstaff, we must protect the few natural spaces we have left. Through the years, Schultz Meadow has been widely enjoyed in its current, undeveloped state. It’s an iconic piece of Flagstaff, worthy of protection for generations to come and for the wildlife who live there and frequent it. Because the land is owned by the City, we have the opportunity to protect it.

Open-Space Value

The special characteristics of Schultz Meadow have been recognized by the Flagstaff Open Spaces Commission, which unanimously voted in 2017 that the land has open-space value. In fact, the Commission found that Schultz Meadow has more open-space attributes than any other piece of land previously considered!

  • Provides a buffer as an iconic gateway into Flagstaff.
  • Significant scenic and recreational value. 
  • Proximity to the FUTS trail.
  • Possible ecological Value.
  • May have archeological features from the Beale Wagon Trail. 

Wildlife and the Environment

Schultz Meadow is a wildlife corridor - one of the few or only such corridors remaining in the Schultz Pass area. Deer travel through the Meadow and graze there. The Meadow is also home to a colony of prairie dogs, which overlaps onto the adjacent ranch.  Ferruginous hawks and mountain plovers circle over the Meadow, and the flowers that bloom provide valuable habitat for pollinators. 

Why now?

The City of Flagstaff has owned this land for over 12 years and during that time has allowed the Meadow to remain in its natural state. But recently, the City has proposed building on the Meadow. It has also suggested that it might sell the land to a developer.

The land’s current Medium-Density zoning allows for building heights of 35 feet - the height of the electric poles at the back of the property.  

Because of massive public outcry at multiple City Council meetings, the City has agreed to hold off on development or sale of the land to allow for a citizens ballot initiative wherein Flagstaff voters will vote whether to protect the Meadow as legally designated open space. 

How can you help?

Sign the petition! Anyone registered to vote within Flagstaff city limits is eligible to sign. We must gather the 4,000+ signatures needed to get Schultz Meadow on the ballot for the November 2020 election. If we don’t, the current zoning will remain, and the land will be developed or sold.  Want to help gather signatures? Send us a message!

Donate! As we get closer to election season, the campaign will have significant costs. We will need significant funds to raise awareness and get the word out. Please click "donate" to donate online, or donate by cash or check by contacting us at

Spread the word! Please “follow” and tell your friends! 

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